Day 4: Mount Rushmore!

We left Bozeman on Monday (18th of July) and headed to Buffalo, Wyoming (a five-hour drive) and spent the night there. The next day we headed out to see Mount Rushmore!

As we stared at the perfectly sculpted faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, we marveled at how such a feat had been accomplished. The sculptor, Gotzum Borglum spent fourteen years (1927—1941) with the help of over 400 workers, sculpting this memorial to the history of the USA. And now here we were over 70 years later staring at this monumental work of art along with hundreds of other tourists. This place gets over three million visitors each year from all over the world. We were particularly impressed by how clean and well organized the whole national park was, and the staff was very kind and friendly. You could tell they enjoy what they do. We highly recommend visiting Mount Rushmore!

Maiya was delighted to see the faces of the presidents carved on the side of a rocky mountain. She gleefully asked for our camera and snapped away. Carina, on the other hand, had a furrowed brow and a confused look as she pointed at the faces on the mountain and said, “There’s a man in there…” Even if she’s not able to appreciate it now, one day she’ll be glad to say that she’s been to Mount Rushmore :)

Day 2 & 3: These Are Friends Forever - Bozeman, MT

Before this road trip became…enormous, we actually just wanted to drive out to Montana to visit some very dear friends and spend a few days with them.

We met Philip and Sara Eykelbosch five years ago when we first started going to our church in Portland. We joined a small group that they were leading and hosting in their home. Philip is a fellow TCK and had grown up in Japan. Sara grew up in the US and loves to travel and had been to the Dominican Republic and Peru. We quickly hit it off with both of them and our relationship deepened into one that we treasure so much.

They now have two precious little boys and last year they moved to Sara’s hometown in Bozeman, Montana. We were so excited for this new chapter in their life but we were also a little heartbroken. We determined that we would make it a point to visit them someday, soon, God willing.

So we drew a line on the map. Portland to Bozeman. And we committed to doing the trip.

It's hard to believe that we did it. We made it to Bozeman to see the Eykelbosch’s! As usual we were welcomed with arms wide open. Philip’s parents were also visiting so we got to spend a little bit of time with them as well. Sara’s parents came over for dinner and it was nice to get to know a bit more about both sets of parents. Since Philip and Sara are already partnered with us we really weren’t anticipating any other gifts. So we were surprised when Sara handed us a check from her mom! Sara's mom is this sweet lady that has a huge heart for missions. I am continually blown away by the unpredictable ways God continues to take care of us.

One of the reasons we so love being with Philip and Sara is because of their down-to-earth transparency and humility that allows God’s beautiful light to shine through. And so we are always so blessed and refreshed by their company.

Thank you Philip and Sara, we love you!

Downtown Bozeman, MT with Philip, Sara, their two boys & their niece

Downtown Bozeman, MT with Philip, Sara, their two boys & their niece