Day 18: “Sleep-over” at Maiya’s Teacher’s U.S. Home - Raleigh, NC

Phil had a very different idea of what North Carolina would be like so when we finally rolled in to the tar-heel-state, he was very surprised to see the mountainous, and lush scenery. It was very green and beautiful, with evergreens even!

Here, we stayed at Maiya’s kindergarten teacher’s home. You can imagine how very tickled she was to be having a “sleep-over” at her teacher’s house (well, it’s her parents house, but it’s all the same to a 6-year-old). Phil and I even joked about how, after this, Maiya won’t have anything to look forward to.

We were greeted by this festive banner and balloons that Mandi had made and put up.


To have an adult that loves your child and is willing to guide and direct them, and then is also able to connect with them deeply is a very valuable thing to a parent. Mandi, thank you so much for you, for your evident love for your students and genuine desire for their spiritual well-being, and for your wonderful relationship with our daughter. AAI is fortunate to have you! Thanks for inviting us into your home. We enjoyed very much, our time with you and your parents. Thanks for giving us a little taste of the south!