Day 16 & 17: My Birthday - Washington DC

We had no idea how many people we knew lived in the DC area. Though we stayed here two nights we really only had one whole day to see people and unfortunately it wasn’t a weekend. We didn’t get to see everyone we would have liked but we did get to see a few friends from college.

It’s kind of a strange thing to visit friends that belong to a very specific chapter of life and see them years later. On the one hand, they were exactly the same people (for the most part), with all their unique traits and quirks, but now they have kids, and/or they have a career and are all grown up, and yet all of my memories of them are from our days in college, back when we were still kids trying to grow up.


We also celebrated my birthday here. Phil and Maiya had searched for a nice cupcake place since I am crazy about St. Cupcakes in Portland, and we had often done that for my birthday. What I really wanted was to have some Ethiopian food, which we got to do, and was definitely a great birthday gift!

Our time in DC was a little too short, but it was meaningful still. Thank you Mark & Kristina for letting us stay at your place. Thanks to HiUan, Ritter, and the kids, to Heather, and to JulieAnn and her kids, for making time to see us! We hope to see you all again sometime!