Day 31 & 32: The Things That Refresh Us - Boise, ID

Despite 100 degree weather in Boise, our visit with Ben, Nicole, and Kyler Anderson was refreshing! Nicole’s parents graciously allowed us to stay at their house, which is close to the Andersons, and we really enjoyed getting to know both of them better as well. 


My (Phil) relationship with Ben goes all the way back 20 years when we were both new kids in a small school in Washington state. Our friendship became deep quickly and has continued in some form ever since. So, even though we have not seen each other for a couple of years, it felt like seeing family again. 

Ben and Nicole treated us to dinner at a burrito place they highly recommended and we spent much needed time catching up. One of the things we really appreciate about Ben and Nicole is how deeply they think about life and how honest they are willing to be with their own thoughts and experiences. The depth, honesty, and sincerity of the conversation was refreshing! While we talked, our kids played together as though they had been friends for years.


Our stay was short as we headed out the next day for Bend, Oregon. Before heading out, they made some scrambled eggs and pancakes filled with recently picked, prized mountain huckleberries! Thank you so much for your friendship, Ben and Nicole. We really hope that some day we can live near enough that our lives overlap more than once every couple years. We love you!