Day 29 & 30: Big Mountains = Big Picture - Colorado Springs & Denver, CO

We are nearing the end of our road trip. And we can all feel it. It’s like that last 100m in a 400m dash. Or that last mile in a 10K race. We have been stretched and our limits tested and pushed during this trip. And it has been very good for us. Endurance. Strength of character. Hope. Romans 5:3-5.

So here we are in Colorado Springs and Denver. In Denver we had a short visit over lunch with Phil's uncle and cousin. The last time we saw them was six years ago! Uncle Ray and Clarissa thanks for taking some time to see us!

Phil's attempt at a selfie :) Not bad.

Phil's attempt at a selfie :) Not bad.

In Colorado Springs, we stayed overnight at the Paton’s. Hannah was Phil’s student teacher last year and is now teaching at a school in Bangladesh. We enjoyed getting to know the Paton family as they had been in Ecuador a number of years ago and also worked for the same organization, Reach Beyond, that we recently switched to.

Hannah showed us around Colorado Springs a little by taking us to Garden of the Gods. The high altitude of the city as well as the surrounding 14,000 foot mountains made Colorado Springs remind us of Quito. Sometimes when our days are filled with lots of doing it's easy to forget about the bigger picture. The reminder of where we will be in a few weeks--Quito--brought us the big picture perspective and this often makes the daily frustrating and challenging things we face seem so small and trivial. We are ready to finish this trip well!

Hannah and the Paton family, thank you for your hospitality, making Maiya’s day by playing Ticket to Ride, and for sharing about your ministry on the other side of the world!

With Hannah
Garden of the Gods