Day 24: Visiting the Gardeens - Houston, TX

I can genuinely say that I have enjoyed every place we have been to in this trip so far. Each place is unique and different just like the people we visit. Phil and I were discussing, the other day, though, that there does seem to be a common denominator with all of these people we’ve visited so far—we have some type of TCK connection with most of them.

On our way from Houston to Dallas we stopped to see some Quito friends that moved back stateside a couple of years ago. Dave grew up in Quito and went to AAI. When we met them in 2012 he was on the pastoral staff at EFC and Linsey was working in the counseling department at AAI. They were the friends that showed us the first Indian restaurant we had ever been to in Quito and also our go-to friends when we wanted someone to enjoy delicious middle-eastern food with!

Dave and Linsey, and Elias and Amos, it was so good to see you and spend a little bit of time with you all. I can't believe how big Elias has gotten and how much in common he and Maiya have. We hope to see you in Quito when you make it back down to visit!