Day 25 & 26: A Friend For Always - Dallas, TX

While I have enjoyed the many different places we've been to on this trip, being with my dear friend, Meredith, these past couple of days in Dallas, TX, was definitely the highlight for me!

Our friendship began in the 9th grade. Meredith and I went to the same missionary kids’ school in Nairobi, Kenya. We played on the soccer team together and even assisted each other in scoring the winning goals. We navigated hormonal girl-dramas together. And treasured memorable sleepovers where we laughed and giggled the night away until our bellies ached.

Mere & Rea

Like most TCK’s, we weren’t great at “staying in touch.” But we did make the effort to see each other whenever the opportunity arose. Our friendship has gone with us through college, starting out life as young adults, and now, marriage and family. We have outgrown many things, but our friendship is one that continues to grow with us.


I love this girl so much. Every time we are together I feel like a care-free high school girl with her best friend. Mere, thank you for taking time off work to spend with us! We are so glad to finally meet Alan. He is incredible and quite perfect for you. Take good care of him, too. Thank you for introducing us to Moods (which is now my new favorite game), I wish we had more time to play it. So fun!

Mere, you are one of a kind and I love that about you. Please don’t ever stop being silly and weird, caring and compassionate, faithfully following Jesus and thinking deeply about the world around you. It is goodbye again for now. But in the meantime, let’s plan our next adventure together!

Dallas 2016