Day 23: Rain, Rain, Go Away - Birmingham, AL

I didn't realize how common storms were in the summer all over the U.S. Or maybe this is just a strange thing that's happening this summer? Rainstorms has followed us almost every state we've driven through! It started on our drive to Bozeman, MT. That wasn't so much a rainstorm as just rain. I wish I had taken a photo each time we passed right under a rainstorm. By the time I started snapping a shot we were already half-way through our trip. It didn't rain at all on our drive to Dallas and we were greeted by such an oppressive heat it was like entering an oven every time you walked out the door!


What a pleasant thing it was to spend even just a short time with the Coe’s at their Birmingham home in Alabama. We were warmly welcomed and then embraced by this Christ-rooted-joy that radiates from this family. Carina definitely bonded with Osa. This girl loves pets!

Coe’s it was short and very sweet! So short that we forgot to take a photo with you all. Thank you for letting us spend the night at your place and loving on us! We love you!