Day 12 & 13: The Sweetest & Kindest People We Know - Boston, MA

We have met few people as sweet, humble, kind, and gracious as Jo and Andy. And it was so so so very wonderful to see them again.


Jo and Andy are Houghton grads as well but now live in the Boston area. They are both counselors and people who are just naturally refreshing to be around. Our friendship began in Houghton, NY. It has taken us to Pasadena, CA when we drove to see them while they were grad students. We almost lived in the same place again when Andy got his internship just outside of Portland, but that was the year we headed to Quito. Now we’ve met again back on the east coast. Perhaps the next time will be in Quito?

Our kids were old enough this time, to play with each other and that was really special too.


We love your family so much and eagerly await the next time we can spend quality time with you all again! And we may take you up on the offer to have your place be a home-base/furlough option for our East Coast trips!