Day 10: Canada, China, & Ecuador? - Toronto, Canada

We have officially driven over 3,000 miles!

What’s really amazing is how well the girls have done so far. I am just blown away by their patience, endurance, and excitement. Thank you for blessing us by praying for our girls.

Today we drove to Toronto from Michigan. What a contrast it was to be so warmly welcomed into Toronto by the Canadian immigration officer and then to be so impersonally greeted and then sent off by the US immigration officer when we crossed back over the border. It reminded me just how much of an impression we make no matter how superficial and brief our encounter with others. I hope that as followers of Jesus we can continually have the courage to reflect the character of God to those we interact with in whatever situation brief or long.

We made it Toronto just in time to meet the Liu’s for dinner. During Phil’s first year of teaching, he had two Chinese twin brothers in his class. As the year progressed, we frequented their family’s restaurant and enjoyed the relationship with their family as well. We must have made a good impression as the relationship continued beyond the classroom to activities around Quito with the boys. We were trusted to take the boys for entire days joining some of our family outings.

May 2013 - We took Sam & Johnson to the Zoo   in   Guayllabamba, Ecuador.

May 2013 - We took Sam & Johnson to the Zoo in Guayllabamba, Ecuador.

At the end of 2013, their family relocated to Toronto, Canada and we have been determined to figure out a way to visit them. We finally had that opportunity and what a joy it was! They had grown so much in just a couple of years! The boys and their older sister are doing fantastic. The family fed us a delicious feast of really good Chinese food. We also enjoyed seeing their new home. It was so precious to watch the boys chatting with Phil and just enjoying being with their former teacher like he was an older brother.  Here we were in Canada with friends from China who grew up in Ecuador speaking a combination of Spanish and English! It was a reminder of the multi-cultural experiences we grew up with and how we are often blessed in unimaginable ways as we seek to be a blessing to others. What a joy it was to see these boys again and to be with their family in their new home!

We love you all! --Holcomb's to Liu's

We love you all! --Holcomb's to Liu's

From here we were headed down to Houghton and on our way, we stopped to visit Will and Ashley. Another one of those worlds-colliding experiences! Ashley had very thoughtfully made some incredibly delicious adobo! And we left their place with our bellies and hearts filled to the brim.